Olivier Daigre was born in france aboout 1643, but we do know exactly the region of his birthplace, but for some researchers, he came from Saintonge, and the Daigre name could indicate that one of his ancestors was from the city Aigre, in Charente.


The first document that attests to the presence of Olivier Daigre in Acadia is the 1671 census:


Laboureur Olivier Daigre aagé de 28 ans,
sa femme Marie Gaudet aagée de 20 ans,
Leurs enfans 3, Jehan aagé de quattre ans,
Jacques deux ans, Bernard un an, Leurs
terres en Labour deux arpans, beste a
cornes six paires et six brebis.

Olivier Daigre married about 1666 at Port-royal to Marie Gaudet, daughter of Denis Gaudet and Martine Gauthier. Of their seven sons, only Bernard and Olivier raiseda family. Bernard settled at Pisiguit with his wife Marie-Claire Bourg, while Olivier remained at Port-Royal with his spouse, Jeanne Blanchard.(Stephen White)


DAIGRE and DAIGLE in France nowadays



Looking through the current telephone book, the name is fairly common in the region, of 116 persons named, 45
are found in Poitou, Charentes, of which 22 in Charente-Maritime and 7 in Charente where the town of Aigre is

The 20 persons that were noted in the census in Brittany are surely descendants of the Daigre families from




The Daigle graphic, rare in France, appeared around 1727 in Beaubassin.

The telephone book indicates only 48, of which 10 are in Calvados and 5 in Orne, where the town of L'Aigle is
found. It would be interesting to know the origines of this family, and their relation with the name of the town, or the
Acadian descendants.


 Thanks to James Carten for the translation.

 François ROUX 1999