Hypothesis N°1
It is certain that there was a GAUDET family in Martaizé (Vienna, France) in the 1634's, This family (Jean, René and François) was established on the lands of the mother of Charles of AULNAY, One would expect this to be sufficient proof that it is the same Jean Godet who sailed for Acadia after 1634.

Hypothesis N°2
Research done the GODET family, producers of Cognac, goes back to the GODET ancestors who were natives of Low Countries, but Jean GODET was not a descendant of this family.


Hypothesis N°3
Jean GODET is the same person as Jean DOGET.
In bulletin n°8 of " Le Messager de l'Atlantique", Emmanuel Poupault states that in the report on the vessel St François leaving La Rochelle on December 12, 1641 there was a jean Doget aboard. 
"Compte de tout largent paié aux hivernents repassent dans le Vaisseau le St François qui est arrivé le 27 em septembre 1640. Paié a Jehan Doget avaloir sur le billet quil a de M Daunay la somme de..."

Could this Jehan Doget be our ancestor Jean Godet? To support this thesis the author of the article publishes another document; the marriage contract of Olivier Daigre and Jeanne Blanchard registered on August 8, 1700, among the witnesses present at this marriage is Pierre Godet uncle of the husband, this Pierre Godet was also the brother of Marie Godet, mother of the bridegroom. Even more significant - and which lends credence to this hypothesis- is the fact that Pierre Godet signs his name as Pierre DOGET at the end of the document.

The wives of Jean GODET
Everybody believes that Jean GODET in had 2 wives.
The name of second is known thanks to various censuses, her name was Nicole COLLESON whom he married by 1652
However, there seems to be  a problem.
In  his "Great Classification of Acadieans in Quebec"  Father Adrien Bergeron states that Jean's first wife's name was Marie DAUSSY..   
In his genealogical dictionary,  Stephen White researches the source of this error further and he quotes Novia Francia's article of 1927 in which one speaks > about some Jean GAUDET of Abbeville ( Picardy) who was 59 years old in 1727, who would have been born about 1668 and who was the son of Jean GAUDET and Marie DAUSSY.
Genealogists made the connection that this was the same Jean GAUDET of Acadie. This is totally impossible because in 1668, in Jean GAUDET's birth, son of Jean GAUDET and  Marie DAUSSY, our Jean GAUDET the Acadian, was in Port Royal married with Nicole  COLLESON. 

Nevertheless the name DAUSSY always appears always in numerous Acadian genealogies. Father  Bergeron himself  even admitted to have been mistaken on this point.  (Article appeared in French Canadian Genealogical Society). Vol. 40, * 4, p. 299.)
Some authors think that his first wife was Micmac but this is not very easy to prove. In the work " A feudal colony in America " Edme Rameau hinted in a note at a Metis branch that would have been a part of this family.



 When did Jean Godet  arrive in Acadia?

Father Léopold Lanctot, o.m.i., claims that he would  have arrived in Acadia very early,  by 1610 , with Charles de Biencourt.  Were that so, the original statement evoked in  the hypothesis N°1 would not be true. On the other hand if he arrived with Razilly by 1634, his first children were born in France and his first wife would not be of MicMac origin.
Others think that Jean GODET, arrived in Acadie by 1610, or even with Champlain in 1604, would have returned to France to look there for his family. This version is more reconcilable with the tenants of those who believe that he might have left by 1634.


Jean Godet was listed only once in Acadie, in 1671:

Laboureur - JEHAN GAUDET aagé de quatre vingt et
seize ans, sa femme Nicolle Colleson aagée de soixante
et quattre ans. Leurs enfans Jehan aagé 18 ans, Leur
terre en labour trois arpans en deux places, Leurs bestes
a Cornes six piéces. Leurs brebis trois  piéces.

If this information are exact, he would have been born by 1575 and would have had a child, Jean, at the age of 78 ??
Personally I think that the age is a little exaggerated in this census, especially if one thinks at which age he had his first 3 children, he was 48 years old when Françoise was born, 50 for Denis' birth and 58 years at Marie's birth.


The GAUDET and GODET in France nowadays.

2 written forms GODET and GAUDET with a different distribution .

ROUX François 1999  and  Lucie Leblanc Consentino for the translation