Jean Baptiste GUILLOT


He died during the crossing toward France, his second wife Marguerite Bourg arrived in St. Malo with two to  three children of the first marriage of René Guillot with Marie Madeleine Arcement, (Charles Olivier and Marie Josephe) the third died during the crossing, all as the 3 children descended of the second marriage with Marguerite Bourg.
8 people to the departure 3 to the arrival.

Liste d'arrivée des 5 navires St Malo 23/01/1759 (Brest Archives de la Marine) 

Marguerite Bourg remarried to Jean Germain Metra February 5, 1767 in Pleudihen. One finds  them in the 4th convoy between Chatellerault and Nantes in 1776, then they leave France for Louisiana (family 61 on L’Amitie) August 12, 1785.

Jean METRA, (allemand)journalier - 46
Marguerite BOURG, sa femme - 52
Anne Marguerite METRA, sa fille - 18

During this time, Charles Olivier gets married November 25, 1766 in Trigavoux with Madeleine Josèphe Boudrot, they will have 4 children. One finds the whole family in the 3rd Convoy leaving Chatellerault for Nantes December 7, 1775. The family gets settled in Nantes, 3 children will be born there but will die below age. June 20, 1785 we find this family on the St. Rémi (family 26) to Louisiana. Only the eldest boy, Isidore François seems not to have embarked.

Charles Olivier GUILLOT, charpentier - 38
Magdeleine BOUDROT, sa femme - 40
Jean Michel GUILLOT, son fils - 14
Simon François GUILLOT, son fils - 12
Isabelle GUILLOT, sa fille - 10

The destiny of Marie Josèphe is completely different, on her  arrival in St. Malo she is collected by her uncle Ambroise Guillot. She follows him when he comes to settle on farmland in the colony of Poitou. She married February 5, 1776 in Archigny with René Arnauld. They will have 3 children all born in Cenan. In 1785 the couple leaves the Colony to get settled in Flavignac in Haute Vienne.


GUILLOT Jean Baptiste
né : 29 décembre 1720 à : COBEQUID (ACADIE)
fils de GUILLOT René(Dit L'angevin)
et de DOIRON Marguerite

1er Mariage
ARCEMENT Marie Madeleine
née : 1732 à : PISIGUIT (ACADIE)
fille de ARCEMENT Pierre Claude
et de TERRIOT Marie Josèphe

Type d'union : mariage
Ages à l'union : Elle 13 ans - Lui 24 ans

GUILLOT Charles Olivier
Naissance : 1747 à COBEQUID (ACADIE)
Union : 25 novembre 1766 à TRIGAVOU - COTES D'ARMOR (FRANCE) avec BOUDREAUX Magdeleine Josephe

GUILLOT Elizabeth
Naissance : 1748
Décès : entre 1758 et 1759 à EN MER

GUILLOT Marie Josephe
Naissance : 1750
Union : 5 février 1776 à ARCHIGNY (86210) - VIENNE (FRANCE) avec ARNAULT Martial

2ème mariage
BOURG Marguerite
née : 1727
fille de BOURG François Louis
et de MICHEL Cécile

Type d'union : mariage
Ages à l'union : Elle 27 ans - Lui 33 ans

Naissance : 1755
Décès : 1759 à EN MER

GUILLOT Jean Baptiste
Naissance : 1756
Décès : 1759 à EN MER

GUILLOT Euphrosine
Naissance : 1757
Décès : 1759 à EN MER